Known as the resident DJ of the party series of club and festival events "Orange Nights", VENIK is definitely an exceptional talent. He has been on the decks of clubs and festivals since 2012 and has demonstrated his talent at various events.


The musical influences of VENIK are so diverse that he manages to surprise every gig anew! VENIK has specialized in electronic music: With a mix of the hottest dance and electro hits (from deep house to techno), paired with Latin-American and oriental sounds (tribal house), as well as a mix of 20s swing sounds (electro Swing), he takes us on a musical journey through space and time!


But he doesn't set any musical limits: "Genres are categories like drawers and sometimes you just need the whole closet!"


Of course VENIK is not only in clubs and festivals, but also plays at private events (e.g. weddings, company parties, birthdays). Depending on customer requirements, he will play the best of his huge music repertoire here .



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